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There are a limited number of free therapy consultations available without commitment. These half hour long sessions are an ideal way to meet Dr Perring, discuss your needs in confidence and explore the best options for help available to you.

Free initial therapy consultation

There are several reasons why a short face to face consultation may be useful to you, it will allow you to;

Discuss your needs in confidence

Explore the options for help available to you

Assess if you may benefit from intervention

Investigate what the next step is

Meet Dr Perring and visit the practice

Achieve this without making a financial commitment

Free half hour consultations are offered on a first come first serve basis to clients wishing to discuss health issues including: sexual issues, relationship issues and psychotherapy.  If you are not sure if your health issue is eligible, you can email us or call us on the number below.

Phone, email or fax Christine, our Practice Manager:

Telephone:    020 7436 7713 (this is the recommended approach)

Consultations are currently available on selected dates on Wednesdays, call us to check availability (a consultation on a particular date is not guaranteed).

You will meet Dr Perring in an informal and relaxed setting.  A free initial consultation is a completely confidential way for you to discuss your concerns in private and you will not be under any obligation.  

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